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Swaswara Resort,Om Beach, GoKarna, Karnataka, India  








Valid to 30 April 2018 – for Reservations later – Price on request

A SwaSwara holiday is one that is not about losing yourself, but finding your self – one
that is not an escape, but an introduction.


At SwaSwara, the noises of the modern world give way to the whispers of the sea. All that breaks the silence is the rhythm of
rolling waves, the meditative hum of the birdsong and at times, the chiming of the temple bells in Gokarna afar. A resounding quietude that makes you aware of the inner sound of your being, drowned out as it is by the din of daily life.
• Accommodation in spacious Konkan villas that boast an open inner courtyard and partially
open to the sky bathrooms. To make the most of the beautiful natural surroundings only the
bedrooms are enclosed and are air conditioned, while the rest of the villa opens out to nature.
• Breakfast and dinner is included in the program.
• SwaSwara offers healthy, gourmet cuisine. It includes fresh organic vegetables and fresh fish.
Other seafood delicacies are also offered on the menu at additional costs.
• Wake Up signature herbal teas and fresh fruits at Cocum restaurant from 6.00 to 7.00 am
• Daily use of the large swimming pool 8.00 am to 8.00 pm
An a la carte menu for a wide choice of Ayurveda & Naturopathy body treatments is extra


1 Nov 2017 to 30 April 2018

10 night stay (5, 7, 14 and 21 night stays also available – Please ask)

Cost – GB £4050 per room (2 persons) PLUS Acceptance Fee of GB£250 per person.

Private transfer by limousine from Goa Airport included

The above rate includes accommodation in a luxury Konkan villa with a private courtyard garden, breakfast, dinner, group yoga and meditation sessions, art studio, interactive cooking and nature related activities

2. Phuket, Thailand

In Phuket ??  then enjoy your Thai massage at realistic prices.  English spoken and walk in appointments available.

Amazing Thai Massage 

249 Baramee Road
Phuket 83150

Email:  Tel: +66 (0) 937239952



Massage Thailand

Amazing Thai Massage – Phuket







3.  Chiang Mai, Thailand

We have a Special arrangement with a modern high standard spa in Chiang Mai for various Massage & Spa Treatments. Following booking, you will be collected from your hotel and taken to the Spa. The spa is located in the Old Walled Town of Chiang Mai and easily accessible. Special Rates are available if you book through Complete India & Asia.

 Fah Lanna Spa, Chiang Mai

57, 57/1 Wiang Kaew Road, Sripoom, A. Muang,Chiang Mai  50200, Thailand 

Tel. 053 416 191 or 088 804 9984

Open daily 10.00am – 10.00pm.

Spa Wellness Complete India & AsiaSpa Wellness Complete India & Asia Spa Wellness Complete India & AsiaSpa Wellness Complete India & AsiaSpa Wellness Complete India & AsiaSpa Wellness Complete India & Asia 


Welcome to Chiang Mai
Massage BodyWhile you are visiting our beautiful city and experiencing the wonders of its heritage, we invite you to pamper yourself with a relaxing and therapeutic massage treatment of the highest Thai standards. Let us at Fah Lanna Spa take you to paradise with our wide variety of treatments, including traditional Thai massage, foot massage, body scrubs, facials, and other therapies. Calm your mind, soothe aching muscles, enhance circulation, and recharge your batteries in our peaceful and relaxing environment.
Go ahead – experience a taste of heaven. With tranquil music, soft lighting, and our staff of certified professional therapists, you will enjoy many health benefits from the therapies we offer. Whether you choose to spend an hour or several hours with us, we have the right treatment for you. Let us show you today.

This is a mixed Spa for male & female with masseur’s and therapists.

The following are a selection of the massages and Spa Treatments available:

 Fah Lanna Spa

57, 57/1 Wiang Kaew Road, Sripoom, A. Muang,Chiang Mai  50200, Thailand 

Tel. 053 416 191 or 088 804 9984 – Reservations through Complete India & Asia receive special Rates – Please Ask


SPA MENU – Treatments are usually 1 hour.

Traditional Thai Massage – From Thai Baht 700
Thai massage involves stretching and deep massage using pressure along the meridian lines of the body to ease muscle and joint tension.

Thai Balm Massage – From Thai Baht 800
Traditional Thai massage using a herbal balm applied for its heating effect.

Aromatherapy Oil Massage – From Thai Baht 1300
A gentle and soothing massage using essential oils to cleanse and freshen your skin. The use of essential oils promotes healing, well-being and relaxation.

Reflexology Foot Massage – From Thai Baht 750
This natural healing therapy promotes the body’s own healing process by stimulating corresponding body-zones on your feet.

Head, Back & Shoulder Massage – From Thai Baht 850
Although working on the whole body, the focus on the back and the shoulders is one of the quickest ways of relieving both stress and tension.

Hot Oil Massage – From Thai Baht 1350
A soothing and relaxing massage with heated oil that reduces tension of the muscles and helps to tone and condition them.

Moisturising Cream Massage – From Thai Baht 1350
A soothing and relaxing body massage using moisturizing body cream leaving your skin nourished and soft. Skin is able to absorb cream better than oil and leaves the body less greasy. 

Aloe Vera Massage – From Thai Baht 1350
Aloe Vera is a rich source of amino acids, vitamins A, C, F, B, and Vitamin B12. We especially recommend it for sunburns.

Thai Herbal Ball Massage – From Thai Baht 1400
Thai Herbal Heat Therapy uses a steamed herbal pouch that is pressed over the body to invigorate the body and mind, giving your energy levels a boost.

TokSen Massage – From Thai Baht 1450
Tok Sen is a northern Thai Massage only found in Chiang Mai. It clears blocked energy by gently tapping a wooden instrument on the meridian lines to work deeply through tissue and muscles. It relieves muscle aches and pains, clears block energy, helps poor circulation and nerve problems.

Signature Treatments:

 Fah Lanna Karma (Reiki Healing) – From Thai Baht 1850 (1 hour)
Reiki stems from Japanese: Rei means “The Higher Power” and Ki means “life force energy”. Reiki promotes healing, reduces stress and helps relaxation. Reiki does not include massage. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that a “life force energy” flows through us.

Reiki healing triggers the body’s natural healing abilities. Reiki healing is a natural therapy that gently balances life energies and brings health and well being to the recipient.

Fah Lanna Exotic – From Thai Baht 4800 (4 hours)
Body Scub + Herbal Bath + Tok Sen Massage + Aromatherapy Oil Massage + Thai Massage + Facial Treatment

Fah Lanna Wisdom – From Thai Baht 4300 (3 hours)
Enjoy the treatment based on ancient Lanna art and wisdom: Aromatic Herbal Steam, Betel Leaf Skin Detox & Traditional Thai Lanna Wisdom Massage, Herbal Ball Body Massage & Herbal Ball Facial Massage, Dachanee Nang Massage.

Beauty Treatments  – 30 mins to 1 hour – Thai Baht 750 to 1350

Aromatic Herbal Steam
The Aromatic Herbal Stream opens skin pores and decongests the lungs as you relax and rejuvenate in our Lanna Steam Room.

Fah Lanna Royal Bath
Let your muscles relax as you soak in our golden herb infused bath.

Fah Lanna Skin Polish Body Scrub
This natural body scrub removes dead skin cells, oils and toxins that the skin does not allow to pass through. It stimulates the skin and improves circulation which has a positive effect on the body’s immune system.  Your skin will feel replenished, soft and smooth.

Body Mask A mask infused with herb- and plant extracts applied to your body to detoxify the skin, leaving it feel fresher, softer and smoother.

Facial Treatment
This five step facial treatment consists of cleansing the skin, a gentle natural scrub, a facial massage, a natural mask, and a natural moisturizing treatment.  It cleans and revitalizes your skin leaving it fresh, smooth and glowing.

Exfoliating Foot Scrub 
A scrub that removes dead and hard skin leaving your feet soft and smooth.



Lip Waxing
Chin Waxing
Eyebrow Waxing
Underarm Waxing
Half Leg Waxing