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Tour Prices 2009

Terms & Conditions for Thai Bike Tours – see below

TOUR PRICES – Thai BahtPrice shown is per person based on twin share with single room for one personAll tours are subject to an Acceptance Payment of £150 per person on Booking. only ONE Acceptance Payment is payable per person, for any numnber of tours
Motor Bike Tour – BMWBike1 persons2 persons3 persons`4 persons5 persons
1 day Thailand’s Highest Mountain650GS18,80012000116001080010000
1 day Elephant BMW tour650GS172001080010400100009600
1 day Northern Thai Village650GS172001080010400100009600
1 day Thai Jungle Scenery650GS1880012000116001080010000
3 days Golden Triangle650GS6320041600396003760039200
5 days Northern Highlands650GS105,60067,60064,0061,20058,000
7 days three Ancient Kingdoms650GS173,200102,80098,00093,20088,800
7 days Unseen Thailand650GS165,60099,20094,40090,00085,600
CONDITIONS AND TERMS OF THAI BIKE VOYAGE MOTORCYCLE TOURS LICENSES All motorcycle riders must have a valid motorcycle license, and have had the licence for 4 years or more, and must be over 25 years old. AThe guest will be required to produce their original driver license and passport prior to commencing tour.LIABILITY Thai Bike Voyage make every effort to safeguard our clients, we cannot be held responsible for personal injury or loss due to events which are beyond our control. Passengers should note that motorcycle travel involves a higher than normal risk and a signed release is required by Thai Bike Voyage from all motorcycle riders and passengers before the tour commences. Thai Bike Voyage do not guarantee pick up or drop off times and are not liable for passengers connection to flights, trains etc. Thai Bike Voyage accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings or baggage.TRAFFIC FINES On completion of the tour, all speeding tickets, camera speeding fines, parking fines, or any other traffic fine must be paid to Thai Bike Voyage.MOTORCYCLE SAFE RIDING CONDITIONS Thai Bike Voyage wishes to maintain the highest standards of safety to ensure the well being of our guests. We therefore only ride the motorcycles in conditions where there is full visibility ie. during daylight hours, and when vision is not impaired by heavy rain. Motorcycles may only be ridden from sunrise to sunset. Only in the case of late arrival may Thai Bike Voyage motorcycles be ridden, and at reduced speed to reach the next destination. When rainfall occurs speed must be reduced to a sensible safe wet road surface handling speed based on the motorcyclists skill, until the nearest shelter is reached. Itinerary Disclaimer Thai bike voyage itineraries may change as we make improvements to our tours. Our brochures are updated when tour itinerarys change or the need arises. Thai Bike Voyage reserves the right to amend the tour route due to road works, weather conditions, or our new research information on routes. No refunds will be given due to any route change.MOTORCYCLE PROTECTIVE GEAR Thai Bike voyage strongly recommends that all protective clothing be worn. Thai Bike Voyage provides all motorcycle protective gear. If you require any special size clothing it would be preferable to bring the protective clothing with you. In Thailand motorcycle helmets are compulsory, boots, protective clothing, and gloves for riders and passengers are strongly advised MEALS AND ALCOHOL Thai Bike Voyage provide breakfast at the hotel, normally an international buffet, and lunch at a restaurant during the day tour, normally Thai food , and international buffet. Due to popular demand by guests to arrange their own Dinners Thai Bike Voyage do not provide dinner.If you have any specific dietary requirements, please inform us when booking so we can make the appropriate arrangements for you. The Companion vehicle always carries cool bottled water and cool refresher towels. Snacks can be purchased during stops. Thai Bike Voyage do not provide any alcohol on Tour, and do not allow any alcohol consumption during the day while motorcycles are in use. Guests may consume alcohol in the evening when the motorcycles are not in use.TOUR GROUP SIZE Tour may commence with not less than 2 riders. an additional 100% must be paid for a single rider tour to commence.PILLION PASSANGERS AND GUESTS (NON MOTORCYCLE RIDERS) Pillion passenger on motorcycle, and guests traveling in the Companion vehicle. an additional 40% of the tour cost must be paid.TRANSFERS Thai Bike Voyage will collect you from the airport, hotel, or your accommodation, at the beginning of the tour. At the end of the tour you will be transferred back to your hotel, accommodation, or the airport.FUEL All fuel is supplied by Thai Bike Voyage.DAMAGE OR TECHNICAL FAILURES Any damage, mechanical or electrical failure on any Thai Bike Voyage motorcycle must be reported to the tour leader immediately.CLOTHING AND THAI SEASONS Casual clothing is used everywhere, except when visiting temples, where short pants and skirts are not traditionally acceptable. The 3 seasons in Thailand are Winter, Rainy season, and Summer WINTER From November to February, the days are warm, but evenings and mornings can be cool, and a light jersey may be used. Rainy Season- From July to October, the days temperature . Days are hot 21 to 30 deg. A rain coat is required. Summer –From March to June Days are 33 to 38 deg. INSURANCE COVERAGE PERSONAL INSURANCE Thai bike Voyage provides the following Travel Accident Insurance included in the Tour fee: Life Insurance Cover US$ 15,000.00 Total Disability, Loss of Sight US$ 15,000.00 Medical Accident Insurance: US$ 1,500.00 Any extended or additional Insurance coverage must be purchased by the guest. Thai Bike Voyage does not provide personal insurance coverage for any other items, other than mentioned above. Thai Bike Voyage does not provide insurance coverage for, but not limited to, illness, damage, or theft of personal belongings, and not being able to travel on a confirmed departure date.MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE Thai Bike Voyage has 2 choices of insurance coverage for the motorcycle. A. Insurance with Excess Deposit B. Collision Damage Waiver A. Insurance with Excess Deposit The excess deposit is held on a major credit card authorization and will be debited with the full excess deposit and refunded approximately 7 days after the motorcycle is returned to Thai Bike Voyage. If any damage has occurred to the motorcycle, the damage costs will be converted to a debit. The Excess costs are as below: F 650 GS : US$ 1500.00 R 1200 GS : US$ 2250.00 B. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Cover For an additional daily charge you can purchase a CDW to reduce your liability for the Excess included in the motorcycle insurance coverage. The Excess costs are as below: 1 Day Tour BMW F 650 GS : US$ 100 per day BMW R 1200 GS : US$ 150 per day 3 Day Tour BMW F 650 GS : US$ 80 per day BMW R 1200 GS : US$ 120 per day