We’re all going on a summer holiday this year. After many Brits were disappointed with their ‘staycation’ last year – probably because of the below-par summer even by UK standards – this year they have learned not to make the same mistake again. Packing up your bags and jumping on an aeroplane is back on this year’s holiday agenda.UK holiday makers are pretty savvy and know exactly what they want. Three words spring to mind; value for money. Value for money means affordable luxury, quality over quantity and being family friendly without the tackiness. Something that many holiday companies are struggling to provide.Once the cheap and cheerful package to the Med met most peoples’ needs, not now however. Furthermore, with the Euro and Pound exchange rate being pretty dire, traditional holiday favourites such as Spain and Portugal are going to struggle to fulfil everyone’s holiday dreams.Despite the initial cost of the flight, long haul holidays actually represent far better value for money than trips along the Mediterranean coast. OK so a flight to India or Thailand may cost £400, but once you are there you can live in paradise for a week and spend little more than £50 – that’s one night out for most people.Take Thailand for example. £1 gets you around 49 Thai Baht. With this 49 Baht you can buy your dinner, with twice this amount you can buy a beach-side massage and with three times this much, i.e. £3 you can split with your partner a night in a perfectly-positioned-for-the-best-sunsets-in-the-world bungalow. You can upgrade to something pretty spectacular for around a tenner a night each. So you can quite easily live on under £200 and get a close-to-luxury holiday without all the fuss.India is similar in style and nature. You get 69 Rupees to the Pound and in sun-washed Goa this 69 rupees goes a long way. Street food you can pick up for around 15 Rupees and a decent curry with fresh fish of the day is around 70 Rupees.If you are travelling in a group or as a family then savings mount up even more. You can share a villa sheltered by palms from the blistering Goa sun for around £2 each per night, with similar rates found all across Asia. It sounds far more spectacular to tell your friends you’re heading to Goa, Kerala, Koh Samui or Koh Phi Phi instead of the Costa Del Sol, and for the quality you will get, relatively you will pay less.One thing’s to be sure though, there is no health insurance card for Asia like there is for Europe. So before venturing East, check whether you need any immunisations and take out comprehensive travel insurance. This doesn’t need to cost the earth and in fact can cost just a few pounds a day. AA Travel Insurance offer a variety of holiday insurance policies that will mean you are prepared for anything.