Thai cookery courses Chiang Mai COURSE 1 INTRODUCTION TO THAI INGREDIENTS Morning activity.The teacher will display a tray of ingredients and will go through each one and explain how to prepare it, how to store it and what can be used as a substitute. Most of this information is already in the cook. Morning dishes: Hot and sour prawn soup -om yam goong Green curry with chicken -geang keaiw waan gai Thai fried noodles  – phad thai Thai style fish cakes – tord man plaa LUNCH Afternoon dishes Minced chicken salad – laab gai Water chestnuts with sugar syrup – tab tim grorb (dessert) COURSE 2 MAKING THE CURRY PASTE Morning activity: The clients make their own curry pastes by using a pestle and mortar. The ingredients will need to be prepared first and then ground to a paste and the teacher will be on hand to help everybody. Morning dishes: Panaeng curry with pork – geang panaeng moo Chiang Mai curry with chicken -geang hunglay gai Fried fish with chilli and basil – laa laad prick Sweet and sour vegetables- phad preiw waan pak LUNCH Afternoon dishes: Spicy glass noodle salad – yam woon sen Black sticky rice pudding  – khao neaw dum piek  (dessert) COURSE 3 TOUR OF THE LOCAL  MARKET Morning activity: The clients will be taken to visit the local market and learning all about the different vegetables, herbs, roots and spices being sold, so you can actually see what these raw products look like before they are cooked. Morning dishes: Chicken in coconut milk soup –  tom kha gai Red curry with fish   –  geang ped plaa Fried mixed mushrooms with baby corn – phad hed horm Fried big noodles with thick sauce   – laad nah LUNCH Afternoon dishes: Papaya salad & sticky rice – som tam & khao neaw Steamed banana cake – kha nom glauy (dessert) COURSE 4 SHOPPING AT THE MARKET Morning activity:The clients will be teaching all about how to choose ingredients that are fresh.  Each student will have their own shopping list and pick up the ingredients that written in the list for the cooking on the day.  The payment will  be taking care by teacher. Morning dishes: Yellow curry with chicken –  geang garee gai Steamed fish in banana leaves – hor neung plaa Chicken with cashew nuts – gai phad med mamuang Fried big noodles with soy sauce – phad seiiw LUNCH Afternoon dishes: Spicy prawn salad – plaah goong Bananas in coconut milk – gluay baud chee (dessert) COURSE 5 VEGETABLE CARVING Morning activity:We will teach you all abut the basics of vegetable carving including how to use the knives. You will hand on to make a flower and leaves from difference vegetables. Cooking begins as following dishes. Morning dishes: Clear soup with minced pork – tom jued Spring rolls – paw pia tord Roast duck curry  – geang phed ped yang Chicken with ginger – gai phad med ma muang LUNCH Afternoon dishes: Chicken in pandanus leaves – gai hor bai toey Mango with sticky rice – khao neow ma muang (dessert) Remark:  All the dishes in the morning that the clients prepared and cooked will be their lunch.     Also the last 2 dishes in the afternoon will be served after once the clients completed cooking for snack and dessert.

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