BEIJING The capital of China – City of Wonders. Stroll along the Great Wall and take the opportunity to visit the amazing Forbidden City and Summer Palace.
SHANGHAI China’s largest city and main financial centre. Its beautiful old buildings have rightly earned it the name of ‘Paris of the East’.
XIAN Marvel at the tomb of Emperor Qin Si Huang, with its magnificent display of the Terracotta Warriors.
KUNMING This attractive city, with its wonderful mild climate is surrounded by lakes and mountains and is the gateway to the amazingly surreal ‘Stone Forest’. Kunming is also known as the ‘City of Eternal Spring’.
GUILIN One of China’s greatest areas of natural beauty. Even the views from the centre of town are truly breathtaking.
YANGTZE RIVER CRUISE One of the largest engineering projects undertaken by man, is the damming of the Three Gorges area on the Yangtze River. Spectacular views and scenery are due to vanish as the water level continues to rise. Time is running short for tourists to view some of the most magnificent scenery in China.
LHASA The heart and spiritual home of Tibet, a visit here is a journey of mystery to the ‘Roof of the World’.
DAZU This small town is the home to an amazing array of cliff carvings and scattered statues that will take your breath away.
DALI Dali lies on the edge of Erhai Lake at the base of the magnificent Cangshan moun-tains. This beautiful city is surrounded by a city wall and is full of narrow cobbled streets.
ZHONGDIAN Known as ‘Little Tibet’, this small town is set amidst some of China’s most striking scenery and is the home of the Great Shangri-La Valley.
HARBIN A wonderland in the winter. Home to the International Ice Carving Competition and the magnificent Ice Lantern Festival celebrations.
ZHANGJIAJIE A natural gallery of botanical gardens and spectacular rock formations, this World Heritage scenic phenomenon will leave you breathless.
LIJIANG Bordering Tibet, this small town is set in a beautiful valley and is the home of Tiger Leaping Gorge. The city is a wonderful combination of cobbled streets, bustling markets and a maze of meandering canals.
JIOUZHAIGOU – Lost amongst vast mountain ranges, this pristine World Heritage area possesses some of the most striking scenery on earth.
MT HUANG – China’s most stunning natural mountain and an inspiration for traditional Chinese artists over the centuries.

HONG KONG – The City of Life, Hong Kong never sleeps and its contrast of modern architecture next to traditional Chinese Temples, lends the city a unique view of China.