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China Southwest Ethnic Route 9 Days Guiyang, Kaili, Rongjiang, Congjiang, Zhaoxing, Sanjiang & Guilin

Highlights: • Witness the unique and mysterious cultures of Guizhou’s ethnic minority groups • Travel to many different ethnic villages to witness the minority people lives • See the colorful clothing and handicraft still being worn by China’s minority groups • Be welcomed to participate in Guizhou’s colorful minority festivals • Discover the culinary delight that is Guizhou’s unique cuisine • Experience Guizhou’s famous opera and be carried away by its legends, costumes and music • Travel to Huangguoshu Waterfall and Explore Dragon Palace Cave to discover the home of China’s fabled dragon •

Day 1 Arrival / Guiyang Upon your arrival at the Guiyang Airport, you will be met by your guide, who will escort you to your hotel. Guizhou is nicknamed ‘The Kingdom of Mountains’, because 87% of its land is comprised of mountains and plateaus. After dinner you will visit the Hequn Night Market, which will introduce you to the most popular and spicy snacks in Guiyang. Stay overnight in Guiyang.

– Guiyang: the capital city of Guizhou Province, located on the east slope of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau with an elevation of about 1,100 meters. Nicknamed “The Kingdom of Mountains” as mountains and plateaus occupying 87% of its land, Guizhou is a typical area of Karst topography with features of fantastic mountains, clear river, pretty rocks and caves.

Day 2 Guiyang   (B) On this morning you will be driven to Anshun 157km (2.5hours) for a full day tour. You will visit the Huangguoshu Waterfall and in the afternoon you will take a boat ride through the Dragon Palace Cave. In the evening you will be driven back to Guiyang. Stay overnight in Guiyang.

-The Huangguoshu Waterfall: the largest waterfall in Asia is 74 meters high and 81 meters wide. Hidden behind the waterfall is a 134-meter long Water-Curtain Cave with fantastic stalactites. -Dragon Palace Cave: a magnificent 60 square kilometer (23 square miles) cave system featuring lakes, waterfalls, and stalactites. The main cave looks like the crystal palace where the king of the dragons lives, so it is known as Dragon Palace Cave.

Day 3 Guiyang / Kaili   (B) You will be driven from Guiyang to Kaili 220 kilometers (2.5 hours). In Kaili you will visit the Kaili Museum, which will give you an excellent introduction to the clothing of Guizhou’s ethnic minority groups. In the afternoon you will visit the quiet village of Matang, inhabited by the Gejia ethnic minority group, where you will learn about their unique culture. The Gejia although classified as Miao are in fact a separate group. Their founder is General Da Sa, believed to be of Manch.You will see the traditional clothing, architecture, embroidery and batik making. Stay overnight in Kaili.

– Kaili Folk Museum: consisting of exhibition halls with different themes, the musuem gives us detailed introduction to culture, geography and folk customs of minorities living in southeast Guizhou by using pictures, real articles and words. – Matang Gejia Village: inhabited by Gejia people who is classified as Miao people by local government, but Gejia people deny to be Miao people. Gejia people claim to be the descendants of Houyi(the God of arrow in ancient times according to the legend), they have kept their way of living, their distinguished customs and costumes well. Gejia people are good at batik making.

Day 4 Kaili  (B) In the morning, you will be driven from Kaili along the Bala River to the village of Langde 65 kilometers (1 hour), a beautiful village filled with traditional wooden houses and waterwheels. After lunch you will continue your journey to Datang, a Miao village well known for its aquatic granary and the traditional ethnic miniskirts worn by the Miao women. Later in the afternoon you will visit the village of Paika to learn about the Lusheng, a traditional Miao ethnic musical instrument made from a gourd. In the evening, you will be driven back to Kaili. Stay overnight in Kaili.

– Paika Miao Village: whose villagers are good at making Lusheng – a traditional Miao musical instrument mainly made from bamboos. In the village, you can not only get to know the procedure of making Lusheng, but also enjoy performance accompanied by Lusheng.

Day 5 Kaili / Rongjiang  (B) On this day you will be driven from Kaili to Rongjiang via Sandu 204 kilometers (5.5 hours). Along the way you will visit the beautiful village of Chejiang, home to the Dong ethnic minority group and a grove of ancient Banyan tress. The members of the Dong minority group can be recognized by their turbans (for men), and pleated skirts (for women). They are also known for their architecture, particularly their drum towers, and Feng Yuqiao (or wind and rain bridges), which are ingeniously built using no metal fasteners of any kind. Stay overnight in the Rongjiang Guesthouse.

– Chejiang Dong Village: consisting of three different villages, claimed to be No.1 Dong village in the world. Dong people are talents in architecture, their drum towers, wind and rain bridges are ingeniously built using no metal fasteners of any kind. Day 6 Ringjiang / Congjiang   (B) You will be driven to Congjiang to the small village of Basha, 76kilometers (2 hours) home to the Miao ethnic minority group. The modern world has had hardly any impact on this village. The residents rarely venture out of the village except to sell firewood or purchase daily necessities in the market. Both men and women can be seen in traditional clothing and have long hair. Later you will visit the village of Yintan, a Dong village built on the top of the mountain and surrounded with an unforgettable landscape. Stay overnight in the Congjiang Guesthouse.

– Biasa Miao Village: claimed to be the last tribe of gunman in China. Though the national expressway passing through the village, villagers in Biasa still keep their way of living well, their hairstyle and costumes are especially unique: the hair of the men is cut to be bald with sickle except that the middle part is left and bound as a bun, this is man’s oldest hairstyle that you can find in China, and the men wear shotgun, gourd, or broadsword around their waist and have powder gun on their shoulders, while women bind their hair into the buns on one side with hair combs and wear triangle-shaped skirt with seal patterns of the King of Miao people. – Yintan Miao Village: best-preserved Dong village in Guizhou Province. Built on the top of the mountain, with a little stream passing by, wooden architecture and tall trees, the village offers a tranquil and poetic rurality. The villagers are hospitable and you will be warmly welcomed by them.

Day 7  Congjiang / Zhaoxing   (B) This morning you will be driven to the village of Zhaoxing 90 kilometers (3 hours). The village with over 700 households and a population of 4,000 is one of the largest Dong ethnic minority villages in the region. After dinner, you will be entertained by the Dong minority’s welcoming ceremony (singing and dancing included) held in the Dong Drum Tower. Stay overnight in Zhaoxing.

– Zhaoxing Dong Village: famed as ‘the village of drum towers’,with over 700 households and a population of 4,000, the village is one of the largest Dong villages in the region. The village is separated into five sections based on five clans, each section has its own drum tower, wind and rain bridge, and stage.

Day 8 Zhaoxing / Sanjiang  (B) On this day you will be driven from Zhaoxing to the city of Sanjiang 110 kilometers (5 hours). Sanjiang, located in Guangxi province, is inhabited by the Southern Dong, one of the two subgroups of the Dong ethnic minority. A short drive away from Sanjiang is the quaint village of Chengyang, which is home to the largest Feng Yuqiaos (Wind and Rain Bridge) in the region. You will explore Chengyang, and visit its lively markets and hillside farms. Stay overnight in Sanjiang.

– Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge: located 20km north of Sanjiang County, built in 1916, it is the largest and best wind and rain bridge in Dong villages, and it is one of the precious artistic wood architectures in China.

Day 9 Sanjiang / Longshen/Guilin/Exit  (B) You will leave Sanjiang in the morning to visit Longji Terrace in sheng County 80 kilometers (2.5 hours). Longsheng’s mountains are covered with terraced rice fields, some of them reaching up to 1,000 meters (3,300 feet). In the afternoon you will be driven to Guilin 160 kilometers (2 hours). The rest of the day is yours to rest, or explore this picturesque city on your own.

-Longsheng Autonomous County: home too many different ethnic minority groups such as Zhuang, Yao, Miao and Dong. In recent years, this county has become a popular destination for photography enthusiasts and people interested in minority culture. On this tour you will not only enjoy the wonderful view of terraced rice paddies at Longji, but also be amazed by the rich culture of the Zhuang and Yao people. – Longji: means “Dragon’s Backbone”. When climbing to the top of it and looking down at the terraced rice fields, you will have the feeling that you are standing on a dragon’s back as the terraced rice paddies, looking like the shining dragon scales, surround you. – The Zhuang People: with a population of over 17 million people, the Zhuang ethnic minority group is the largest ethnic minority group in China. – The Yao People: another major ethnic group living in the Guilin area that has a population of over 2 million people throughout China. Yao women are believed to have the longest hair in the world.

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 4 star5 star
GuiyangMiracle Island Express Hotel***Ramada Plaza Guiyang****
KailiKaili Hotel***Kaili Crown Plaza Hotel****
RongjiangRongjiang Ethnic Dong Hotel***
CongjiangCongjiang Guesthouse**
ZhaoxingZhaoxing Hotel***
SanjiangSanjiang Wind and Rain bridge Hotel****

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